The Xie Group @ Northwest A&F University


The increasing need of bioactive molecules from biological and medicinal research demands design and rapid synthesis of molecules with considerable structural complexity. To this end,natural product serves as a good starting points for its unique structure and potent biological activity. Our research interesting  concentrates on total synthesis of natural products of biological importance. We are also involved in developing novel synthetic methodology for efficiently building up specific scaffold, which would enable concise synthesis of natural product. Collective synthesis and diverse modification of natural product could thus deliver library of compounds for biological survey. We also use biology-oriented synthesis strategy to extract the privileged scaffold from complex  natural product to reduce the synthetic time. In this respect, cascade reactions are designed for quick assembling those natural product-like compounds.  

1. Total Synthesis of Indole Alkaloids


2. Catalytic Asymmetric Halogenation Reactions


3. Stereospecific Construction of Contiguous Quaternary All-Carbon Centers